2012 in a bit of a long nutshell

conferences2012 kind of started out a little quieter for me than most years. I was plodding along with some great clients and contributing where I could. Things certainly picked up though and I feel truly lucky for what I’ve experienced this year and look forward to 2013.

A year in talks

I started what I didn’t realise would be a round of speaking in 2012 with my talk at WordPress London Meetup in March. This was followed by being lucky enough to speak at WordCamp Netherlands. I learnt a lot in that talk, which I feel I have taken throughout the year. This was my first non UK WordCamp and a really good one to start with as Utrecht is an amazing place.

As Spring rolled on I got to speak at The Multipack and then as I looked to summer and a chance to revisit America this time to experience New York for the first time and speak at WordCamp NYC. Summer rolled on I got to experience a Scottish summer (remind me to not pack shorts next time) with WordCamp UK in Edinburgh. Whilst doing my own talk was great there the highlight for me was being able to chair the panel on getting involved in WordPress.

I took a bit of downtime over Autumn and ended the year with a final talk as one of the New Faces at Ready to Inspire in Leiden. An honour I can’t still quite believe I got to experience.

Anyone I met this year through WordCamps or other conferences thank you – the pleasure was all mine. I’ve now made a list for all my speaking on my portfolio site and I hope to do more in 2013.

A year in new things

I was lucky enough to be included in WP Realm and also to be one of those involved in the now announced WordPress Europe that will happen in 2013. That’s kind of amazingly exciting to think I’m even part of those great teams, I feel a small cog but so welcome. Thank you to everyone involved in both those projects for letting me be involved.

Another new thing was being able to be part of the team working on Turtleshell which is a suggested UI for the new theme independent BuddyPress. This has been really fun to be part of and I hope to continue to work on this along with increase my contributions to BuddyPress. Status was released and should hopefully soon be on the wordpress.org for download.

Bite the bullet

I guess a big lesson for me this year has been to not wait and debate and just to go for it. It’s not something I find easy putting myself forward (despite what the speaking may suggest). I actually quake inside every talk and don’t feel at ease in large groups. I’m lucky enough to after this year know a few more of the faces in those crowds and you know what… that’s kind of the point. If you put yourself out there a bit, if you do speak to maybe 1 new person – that person instantly becomes not new and someone you can speak to easier.

Sometimes life happens

On a more personal note the second half of the year has been more of a test, namely my husband being unwell this year which has meant he’s now not worked since September and been in and out of hospital. I have found myself a few times over the year breaking my usual fairly split divide between personal and work and started to realise that sometimes you just can’t carry on regardless. Sometimes, you need to take time away and recharge with those you care and just be there. People are more important than pixels.

A thanks

Being part of the WordPress community kind of rocks. For me, I also have to say how much the BuddyPress corner of that community is special and we shouldn’t ever change that. The way we support each other in that small community and WordPress at large – the connections we make. It’s special and we should never loose sight of that. We can do amazing things together.

I’d like to thank those that referred work to me this year, you do make a difference when you refer me. There is also nothing quite like finding out someone thinks you’re good enough to be recommended.


As for 2013… well I’m already set to speak at WordCamp Norway in January along with go to Naconf. I’d love to step up my contributions to BuddyPress and also to WordPress with an eye on the mobile side as I really want to learn more there. I do have some projects I hope to reveal a bit later on in the year which I’m having to force myself to not speak about now I’m so excited. I’m really looking forward to what the next year will bring.

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