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Announcing my book on BuddyPress theme development


What started out as an email enquiry to me has ended in the start of my first book. I’m really excited to announce I will be writing a book on BuddyPress theme development. It’s a really cool time and apt to be writing a book on BuddyPress themes. So, how did this all come about?

How it started

The email came to me while I was away at BuddyCamp in Miami. It was an enquiry asking if I’d be interested in writing a book on BuddyPress theme development. In the email they’d done their research and also they gave a link to my WordCamp NYC talk as an example of this. This is something to note, WordCamp’s matter and speaking does lots for the speaker and those listening – you do get what you put in with open source. Whilst it shouldn’t be your goal in getting involved (karma doesn’t work when you intend), you don’t know where a WordCamp talk or a contribution will take you.

I had a bit of ‘email to and fro’ working out terms that suited all of us and a way this book could happen. I unsurprisingly had some very set ideas over the format of such a book. Over my time in Miami I was also going through writing the outline for this book as there was a deadline for that I’d be missing otherwise – it was quite a juggle. It was also kind of cool to be at BuddyCamp whilst this was all going on. In the end, I’m glad I did it as I’m now able to make this exciting announcment.

The book

The book will be a 100 (ish) page step-by-step tutorial approach one and the smaller format should work well as a quicker read. It’s aimed at being a ‘small taste’ but enough to get you going, in the know and hopefully hooked on BuddyPress. The target audience is going to be from developers, designers through to casual interest – it’s a wide aim. I hope to cover a range of things including the current state of themes, default options and installing, going beyond default, building and beyond the look into the dev side. It’s going to be a packed 100 pages!

I have no release date but I imagine it will be late Summer / Autumn. When I know more I will announce it. I am spending the next few months writing this starting in May. It will be with Packt Publishing.


3 thoughts on “Announcing my book on BuddyPress theme development

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  2. Hey Tammie,

    Awesome book! Congrats!

    * Just ordered it. *

    Is there some affiliate programm planned with that book?
    We have many users looking for BuddyPress education. :)

    …and thanks for mentioning us ;)

    Cheers! Konrad

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