A Santa delayed and belated thank you note to the Ready to Inspire Conference


First up, an apology over the delay in this post. Like always happens in the pre Christmas client wrap up things got a bit carried away from me so my thanks come after Santa this time. I was lucky enough to attend the Ready to Inspire Conference in Leiden and even luckier to be one of the New Faces.

In the beginning was a ticket purchase

I was always going to attend – well on looking at the line up how could I not? A short plane hop to one of my top countries of all time and I got to be inspired by an amazing speaker list on of all things Craftmanship. The deal was done and my flight booked to The Netherlands. Whilst I waited eagerly though another opportunity came up and that was to speak at the conference. For once, I managed to shut up the little naysayer inside me and took the dive. Email was sent and whilst I was secretly hopeful I couldn’t really believe it would happen. Low and behold though… fast track a bit and there was I writing my talk ‘Designing for Humans not Robots’ for the New Faces day at Read to Inspire.

The entire idea of ‘New Faces’ is simply mind blowingly awesome:

New Faces is all about fresh and talented speakers to step up and present a talk to a large group of attendees for the first time. This day will be exciting for both presenters and attendees. – New Faces

Each ‘New Face’ had a different level of speaking and that was in itself a great thing. I learnt also from the other ‘New Faces’. There is always a lot of talk about how there are few ‘ways in’ to speaking well Inspire Conference with the ‘New Faces’ offers just that.

Then there was some travelling and discovering

On getting to Leiden I discovered another gem of a city – I’m now certain The Netherlands stole all the amazing cities as keep finding these gems! A quiet evening lead to a bit of pacing and note shuffling as I tried to get my brain around the task ahead. I’d just like to say a huge thanks to Robert Eerhart who truly made me feel at ease. From the first show of the room I’d be speaking in through to the event itself – I was made to feel assured and informed at every step. As a ‘New Face’ this is really important.

Then there was food and conversation

The cherry on top was the invite to the New Faces to be part of the speaker dinner. That truly was amazing to experience and thank you to all the speakers for such a warm welcome. I was humbled to even be sitting at the same table as people that have influenced so heavily my career. I’m not always the most forward of people but just being able to listen and get a brief insight into the person not the profile was incredible. A big thank you also goes out to Derek Featherstone for passing on some great points about speaking.

There was some mind blowing

The main conference day did exactly what it said on the tin and inspired with the focus on craftsmanship. The venue was a really impressive one and everyone involved in the conference really did a great job of making it run smoothly. I’d like to say a big thank you to anyone involved as I know it takes many hands to put on such a great event.

A good conference was had by all

The Ready to Inspire Conference itself was an amazing way to wrap up what for me has been an amazing year from speaking through to the events I’ve attended. It was great catching up with some people I’d not seen since WordCamp Netherlands 2012 – which in a nice loop started off my conference 2012. It’s filled me with excitement about what will happen in 2013 and I certainly hope the end of 2013 will see me returning to attend the 2nd Ready to Inspire Conference.

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