Speaking at WordCamp San Francisco

I was all set for a calm summer thinking this year couldn’t get more roller coaster than it was and then bamn! I was accepted to speak at WordCamp San Francisco. I’ll have to admit when I applied I clicked the send button not expecting to speak. I’m truly grateful to get a chance to speak.

I’ll be talking about something that’s of a personal interest to me which is slightly different from some of my talks in the past. My topic is “Beyond the default – explorations and experiments in BuddyPress”. This builds on some of the things I’ve done over at buddydesignlabs and also a lot on my current thoughts of a need to break away from the same patterns community design has fallen into.

I hope to see others there and put some faces to the amazing people in the community. If you see me around please do come and say hi. I’d love to meet as many people are possible both new and old. I’m also really looking forward to joining in with the contribution day and working on some fun things.

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