WordCamp San Francisco 2013 amazing

I’m now back home after a really awesome few days away at WordCamp San Francisco 2013. My mind is buzzing despite the jet lag and I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced the awesome that this weekend was.

My first day in San Francisco saw me at the amazing Automattic offices catching up with old faces and meeting new ones. It really was great to have the opportunity to go through my talk the day before and get to hear Siobhan’s talk as mine was going to be on at the same time. I got some excellent feedback that meant a few refinements to my talk and I feel made it better.

I spoke about ‘Beyond the default – Explorations and Experiments in BuddyPress‘ in the first slot, my slides are up here. I’m humbled by the reactions I got and feel so lucky to have had the chance to speak. It was a really personal subject for me as I was showing my sketches and ideas. I’m glad I did it and having the first slot of the day worked out really well as I was then set to enjoy the awesome next few days.

Picking out talks is hard as the entire experience was incredible. However, some particular talks really impacted me. Ian Stewart’s talk ‘(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Themes, Love, and Understanding‘, Alison Barrett’s ‘Lessons Learned in Unit Testing‘ and John James Jacoby’s ‘Beyond the Blog with BuddyPress and bbPress‘ all stood out for me. Ian’s talk struck a chord with my thinking about themes, Alison’s talk about unit tests was on a level that really gave me a good starting point I’d not had before and John showed some awesome examples of BuddyPress and bbPress along with bravely opened up the floor to any questions not just on his talk.

After the main conference there was the contribution day. Before that I had a lovely themers breakfast which I would like to say a large thank you for being invited to. I spent most of the day working in the BB cave (we had a room for BuddyPress and bbPress) on the new template pack for 1.9. Towards the end of the day we shifted gear and started working on some ideas for buddypress.org and specifically how to show off the components. It was an amazing day and we got new contributions to BuddyPress which rocks.

I hope I have the pleasure to go again to WordCamp San Francisco. I’d like to say thanks to all the old and new faces I met. It was so amazing I think most of the trip back to England I had a huge grin on my face. My brain is trying to process all the amazing of the trip despite it’s brain fog. I’ve got so many new ideas buzzing around I hope to write about them later in this week. I feel energised, recharge, enthused and ready to get into some projects.

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